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My rates

The easiest and fastest way is to provide me with the translatable text via e-mail. I will submit an individual and free flat rate based quote for your translation as soon as possible.

Rates for private individuals:

Private individuals are offered simple flat rates (short documents from EUR 65.00). Please find more information in section Services > Private individual. I may provide you with a free and individual quote for your translation. Click Contact me to request it.

Rates for corporate clients:

Many other translation partners charge for their services per translated (target) line. But how many characters define a line? What is a standard line? And what expansion needs to be considered for a translation into German?


You don't have to worry about questions like these thanks to my offering simple word-based rates. You pay no more than the exact amount of words in your source document.

Word rate for new clients:

English/German: EUR 0.14 per word (plus VAT, if appl.)

Latvian/German: EUR 0.18 per word (plus VAT, if appl.)


Example: You need to have a text translated from English into German. Your document contains 350 words. The translation will cost EUR 49.00 (plus VAT, if appl.).

Your individual quote

I may provide you with a free and individual quote for your translation.

Click Contact me to request it.


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